Dear Clients,

As we know, the normal temperature of a person is 37 degrees celsius, in the case the average temperature increases over 2 degrees celsius, it will lead to a serious effect to our health. Likewise, if the average temperature is over 2 degrees celsius, the Earth’s Biosphere will be affected strictly. In the past 136 years, the average temperature of the Earth has increased 0.85 degrees celsius and it is predicted to increase 2 degrees celsius in the next 83 years in 2100 if this situation still maintains. At that time, our next generation will be the ones who take the serious consequence of the case.

As a result, VNK’s mission is to contribute our intelligence and force to reduce the expansion of the earth’s temperature and provide the next generation with a clean and safe biosphere.

As for this, we provide our clients with energy – saving, effective and sustainable operating solutions as our products are made. We apply Revit MEP Software to decline the wastes of counting materials and avoid the conflict of M&E systems. Besides, we train and help our operating staff strengthen their knowledge to save electric and fuel costs. To support our clients constantly and frequently, the maintenance staffs of VNK are always willing to help and support you as soon as possible.

With 11 FDI factories of Japan and Korea, 2 ODA invested projects, more than 3 high – class buildings and many design, installation and maintenance projects which were implemented in the past 8 years, we helped our clients choose the best suitable solutions for the beginning investment payment and operating payment afterwards.

For this mission, we afford to Understand every need of our clients, Commit in our speaking, be Enthusiastic in our job and be United to make creative products serving our clients.

We highly care about your constructions and buildings as well as your satisfaction. Let us take care of and protect it!


September 2008

  • Start up Vietnam  Kinden kogyo Construction, installation and maintenance for M&E Corporation.
  • Abbreviation: Vietnam  Kinden Kogyo Corp.
  • Director: Ninh Viet Tu.
  • Business’s Field: Installation and maintenance for M&E.

September 2012

  • Change company’s name become: VNK Construction, installation and maintenance for M&E Corporation.
  • Abbreviation: ME VNK CORP.
  • Director: Ninh Viet Tu.
  • Business’s Field: Construction, installation and maintenance trading and training for M&E.


  • Provide cleaner, more effective and confident solution to project.
  • Slogan: “New Energy New Life”


  • Become on top 5 big group in Maintenance, installation, distribution and training in M&E field in Vietnam and Asian.


  • Go with you.
  • Commitment in speaking.
  • Creation on work.
  • Understanding your demand.
  • Dedication in our service.


Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every working day.


Involvement in and support of the community are at the heart of our company.


Structure’s commitment to green building and sustainability is long-standing.